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RDS/ is know for best supplier of Asus Export, Asus Exporter in the region, Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. We being Asus Exporter in the region currently having below list of product for export.

Find your Asus Zenbook Series, Asus Gaming Seires, Asus K/A Series, Asus X Series, Asus Chromebook, Asus Vivobook Series. please refer to our online listed individual products for commercial Series.

Model name Make Specifications Price AED Price USD
GX700VO-GB012T Asus AS GX700V 6820HK/5JE/64G/AR//GX700VO-1AGB/WOC/V/WAC/A08 19,999 $5,434.51
G752VY-GB112T Asus AS G752V 6820HK/2NL5/64G/AR//G752VY-1AGC/6BR/V/WAC/A08 13,999 $3,804.08
G752VT-GC176T Asus AS G752V 6700HQ/1SR7/16G/AR//G752VT-1AGC/6BR/V/WAC/A08 7,999 $2,173.64
G752VS-GB096T Asus AS G752V 6700HQ/1GR7/32G/AR//G752VY-1AGC/6BR/V/WAC/A08 10,499 $2,852.99
GL502VY-FI063T Asus AS GL502V 6700HQ/1SR7/24G/AR GL502VY-1AFI/WOC/V/WAC/A08 8,499 $2,309.51
GL502VT-FI029T Asus AS GL502V 6700HQ/1SR5/16G/AR//GL502VT-1AFI/WOC/V/WDC/A08 6,499 $1,766.03
GL553VW-FY036T Asus AS GL553V6700HQ/1DG7/12G/AR 4,999 $1,358.42
GL502VM-FY126T Asus AS GL502V6700HQ/1SR5/16G/AR 6,999 $1,901.90
GL702VT-GC128T Asus i7-6700HQ/24GB/17.3/1TB+128GB/6GB/W10 - -
N552VX-FY053T Asus i7-6700HQ/12GB/1TB+8GB/15.6/4GB/Win10gry 3,999 $1,086.68
UX303UB-R4057T Asus AS UX303U 6500U/1DG5/8G/AR//UX303UB-1CR4/WOC/V/WAC/A08 3,999 $1,086.68
N552VX-FJ281T Asus AS N552V 6700HQ/1SR5/16G//AR N552VX-2AFJ/8SL/V/WAC/A08 5,499 $1,494.29
UX360CA-C4008T Asus AS UX360C 6Y30/2DZ/8G/AR UX360CA-1ADQ/WOC/V/WDC/A08 3,499 $950.82
UX310UQ-GL221T Asus AS UX310U6500U/1SR5/8G/AR 3,999 $1,086.68
UX360UAK-DQ210T Asus AS UX360U7500U/5DZ/8G/AR 4,999 $1,358.42
UX390UA-GS043T Asus AS UX390U 7500U/5DZ/16G/AR 6,699 $1,820.38
TP201SA-FV0009T Asus AS TP201S N3060/5AG5/2G/AR//TP201SA-3KFV/WOC/V/WAC/AHQ 1,349 $366.58
TP201SA-FV0013T Asus AS TP201S N3060/5AG5/2G/AR//TP201SA-3GFV/WOC/V/WAC/AHQ 1,349 $366.58
T303UA-GN052T Asus i7-6500U LPDDR3 8G 512G SATA SSD Intel® HD graphics 520 shared 12.6" WQHD+ 2880x1620 16:9 None 2M IR +13M dual Camera Windows 10 (64bit) Stylus 1Y global 6,699 $1,820.38
K556UA-XX017T Asus AS K556U 6200U/5AG5/4G/AR//X556UA-1BXX/8SL/V/WC4/A08 1,799 $488.86
X456UV-GA048T Asus AS X456U 7200U/5AG5/4G/AR 1,999 $543.21
X540LA-XX265T Asus AS X540L 5005U/5AG5/4G/AR 1,399 $380.16
X540LA-XX532T Asus AS X540L 5005U/5AG5/4G/AR 1,399 $380.16
X540SA-XX012T Asus AS X540S N3050/5AG5/2G/AR//X540SA-1AXX/WOC/V/WC4/A96 899 $244.29
X540SA-XX063T Asus AS X540S N3050/5AG5/2G/AR//X540SA-1CXX/WOC/V/WC4/A96 899 $244.29
E202SA-FD0012T Asus AS E202S N3050/5AG5/2G/AR//E202SA-1AFD/WOC/V/WAC/A96 999 $271.47
E202SA-FD0003T Asus AS E202S N3050/5AG5/2G/AR//E202SA-1BFD/WOC/V/WAC/A96 999 $271.47

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