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Small Data Center

Small data centers, despite the name, may require a high power density in the case the so-called “blade” servers are used. A solution based on Coolblade “in-row“ cooling units allows to efficiently remove large amounts of heat. A non-negligible advantage of such a solution is the possibility to avoid the distribution of air through the raised floor, thus saving on the initial costs of installation.

Medium data center

The medium-sized data center , specifically designed to shelter inside IT equipment and provide a safe and secure environment , able to operate continuously 365 days a year , finds in the combination of indoor chilled water Datatech units plus Tetris FC NG chiller the most energy- efficient and unique solution in the market.

The pair of indoor units with airflow under the raised floor , with a typical layout of rows of racks in hot aisle / cold aisle arrangement, with water-cooled chillers and dry coolers can achieve maximum energy performance and the optimization of plant operation during the whole year.

Large Data Center

The large, modern data centers, typically large “Colocation Providers” or large institutions require dedicated cooling, high efficiency and high capacity cooling units . The Datatech units with separate fan section, installed below the raised floor, reach the top of the performance in terms of efficiency and cooling capacity per footprint .

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Power Protection & Generation

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Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

3 Phase UPS power protection, solving today’s energy challenges while setting the standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, data centres, mission-critical systems, and industrial/manufacturing processes. SIEL have a variety of range of UPSs, CPS, Hardware accessories , frequency converters etc.

UPSs Range

Input / Output – 1/1 Phase ON LINE to 3/3 Phase ON LINE & Rating – 10kVA to 1000kVA

  • UPS systems come in many variations and sizes depending on your facility’s requirements. We provide UPS from 10 – 120 kVA.
  • CENTRAL POWER SYSTEM (CPS) – Systems are also commonly referred to as Static inverter systems or AC Central battery systems or Central lighting inverters – APC, Vertiv, SIEL, Eaton, ABB... provide a wide range of the product from 10.0kVA – 200kVA
  • Frequency Converters – A frequency changer or frequency converter is an electronic or electromechanical device that converts alternating current (AC) of one frequency to alternating current of another frequency. The device may also change the voltage, but if it does, that is incidental to its principal purpose.
  • Batteries & Battery Monitoring & Accessories & Hardware

MTR (STS) - Transfer Switches Static Transfer Switches (STS)

Input / Output: 1 phase & Rating: 16 & 32 Amps

2U 19” rack mounted Static Transfer Switch to facilitate fully automatic switching between two independent single phase power supplies to provide ‘high availability’ power supply for network and telecom applications. The unit is equipped with a synoptic diagram with LED indication of system status and power flow.

A rotary switch provides the selection of the priority source together with an integrated manual bypass facility.  The manual bypass switch allows for complete isolation and removal of the power module for service/replacement purposes whilst maintaining a supply to the critical load.


Dual hard wired input supply connections (A & B source) are via the rear of the unit.  In its standard format load connection is via 10 x IEC rear connections.  Other types of connectors/connection arrangements are available.

  • Hot – swappable power electronic
  • Integrated standard manual bypass
  • 19” Rack
  • Standard Communication RS232 and free contract

UPS Maintenance and Service

Prior to dispatch, all systems are subjected to a factory testing procedure (which may be witnessed) and a certified copy of the results together with certificates of conformity are shipped with the system.

As with all electronic equipment regular preventative maintenance is recommended in order to ensure sustained and predictable operation.

We offer a wide range of preventative maintenance plans which offer you the flexibility to decide which level of cover is appropriate for your business needs.

Maintenance plan options include:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits at a time to suit you.
  • Emergency call out within agreed response times.
  • Labour & travel inclusive – fixed cost.
  • 24/7 emergency contact with on-call engineers.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring.
  • Spare parts cover for systems outside of
  • Battery impedance testing.
  • On site ‘crash kit’.

Additional services include:

  • Thermal imaging.
  • Load bank testing.
  • Black building testing.

Precision Cooling

Easy Cooling Row CW

Close-coupled, chilled water cooling for medium to large data centers
The Easy Cooling Row series closely couples the cooling with the heat source, improving efficiency and modularity. Easy Cooling Row is easy to configure, install, use and maintain. By delivering competitive product features and high performance, it is the easy choice for small IT spaces, medium and large Data Centers.

Uniflair Wall Mount Room Cooling

Wall-mounted units for outdoor installation for mission critical applications
The Uniflair WM is a completely self-contained cooling unit, meaning there is no need for a remote heat exchanger. These rapidly deployable units only require simple electrical wiring and mounting to the shelter. Available in a free cooling configuration, these units come equipped with motorized dampers to enable use of outside air to help cool the IT space.

Rack Air Distribution 

Air distribution systems for power dense racks and low pressure areas
These rack-based cooling products are specifically integrated in or on individual rack enclosures to solve inadequate air distribution problems. Rack Air Distribution systems work with existing cooling products to either provide cool air to or remove heat from the rack enclosure. These hot spot problem solvers ensure uniform inlet temperatures to the IT equipment.

Uniflair Small Room Cooling

Flexible, perimeter cooling for smaller IT environments
This discrete, perimeter cooling unit brings true air conditioning within the scope and budget of even the smallest applications. Perfect for racked and non-racked IT loads. The small footprint with front accessible internal components meets the diverse requirements of smaller IT spaces, including computer rooms, telecom rooms, and controls rooms. The speed control of the fans means airflow delivery can be tailored to the application, while the microprocessor controller provides precise temperature control.

Uniflair Med/Large Room Cooling 

Perimeter cooling for medium and large data center environments
Explore Uniflair in 3D animation.
Leading edge precision cooling solutions specifically designed to maintain temperature and humidity within extremely tight tolerances. Perfect for racked and non-racked IT loads, these units meet the diverse requirements of any data center environment. When combined with hot or cold aisle containment solutions, the Uniflair LE products can further improve efficiency and achieve higher densities

Uniflair Direct Expansion InRow Cooling

Close-coupled, air, water, and glycol cooling for closets, server rooms, and data centers
The InRow Direct Expansion family closely couples the cooling with the heat source, improving predictability and efficiency. Intelligent controls actively adjust to match the load, addressing the dynamic demands of today's IT environments. Available in air-cooled, self-contained and fluid cooled configurations, these units meet the diverse requirements for data center cooling. IT operators looking to improve efficiency or deploy higher density equipment will benefit from the modular design of the InRow Direct Expansion products

Thermal Management

Get efficient and reliable heat management and humidity control solutions geared to your specific size, location and business goals.Your mission-critical facilities need the very best in precision cooling, and we deliver with the industry’s most advanced equipment and controls, low operating costs and unparalleled expertise.

A data centre air conditioning system must always be viewed holistically. Paired with cutting-edge room cooling solutions, the holistic approach enables us to support a vast range of applications, from small computer rooms to enterprise data centres. Our experts work with the latest cooling technology and ensure the thermal system's components are integrated, monitored and optimized. Discover our Liebert room cooling systems, ranging from direct expansion and water-cooled solutions, to dry cooling and microchannel condenser units and contacts us about design, integration, installation, and service.

When it comes to the temperature at which your critical systems operate, it must not only be within optimum parameters, but also constant and reliable. That is our forward-looking approach to thermal management in data centres, telecom critical infrastructures, and other facilities. And we'll use it to help you improve any in-row cooling solution you're using or set to deploy, whether it is a self-contained data centre cooling unit, or a dry cooler that effectively dissipates the heat from the indoor water-cooled thermal management systems. Let's enable your IT equipment to run at peak performance, in optimal temperatures. Today and tomorrow.

Higher data transfer speeds, low latency, and constant availability require more computing power, which in turn means higher power densities per rack. For your unique performance requirements to be achieved, the servers in the rack must operate at peak capacity and within the optimum temperature. We're with you in reaching that goal, through future-proofed rack cooling solutions, that not only ensure optimum temperature, but optimum energy savings. Let's make sure you can effectively manage the higher heat loads generated by tightly packed electronic enclosures, by designing holistic and customizable thermal management systems.

Maintaining precise temperature for reliable equipment performance is critical where close environmental control is essential for equipment performance and efficiency. Precision air-conditioning units need to be available whenever the electronic equipment to be cooled is in operation. We delivers cooling with a comprehensive range of cooling solutions protecting mission-critical application.

  • Precision air-conditioning units need to be available whenever the electronic equipment to be cooled is in operation
  • Direct expansion or chilled water close control units equipped with scroll compressors, available in different versions and with several options.
  • In order to assure the end customer satisfaction, keeping a leadership position on the market we provide ISO 14001 certified product which are manufactured in Italy

In compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, together with the use of the best components present on the market and the best technologies presently available, led to the development and to realization of all environmentally compatibles precision air conditioning units, extremely silenced and reliable, available in a wide capacity range and with different ecological refrigerants.

This range includes direct expansion, water cooled or chilled water close control units, equipped with scroll compressors, available in different versions and with several options.

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