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Compromise on Downtime or Migration. Or neither?

Compromise on Downtime or Migration. Or neither?

Abdul Rahman Mohammed, Managing Director of Royal Data Systems

Migrating data is an unavoidable yet intimidating task for enterprises. Whether it is migrating to a new domain or finding a new host, downtime is a major issue faced by enterprises. Downtime can result in loss of revenue, customers or even the brand value. The bigger the enterprise, the more impact downtime causes.

An interesting interview with Abdul Rahman Mohammed, Managing Director of Royal Data Systems opened up some new avenues on the critical data migration with zero downtime. The move over to new systems is generally a minefield: a simple configuration missed can put a system or business out of actions for hours, if not days. RDS promises zero downtime during migration process by project management, implementation and migration services, we give the complete solution to the business starting with consultation, sizing the datacenter to end client devices and accordingly implement and supplies.”

“All the projects that we have done have 99.9% success with no loss of information or data with zero downtime during migration. Downtime is the biggest part during migration process.” said Mr Abdul.

We have Solid business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) procedures during migration of any platform and to their users, As for as Exchange users they can still work on their mailboxes. The programme does not block mailboxes or put limitations on users in terms of working with emails while their data is copied to another Exchange Server. One of the major migration project done is the implementation of hybrid cloud technology for a University. “Our major objective is to access most of the corporate clients so that we can fulfil their environment and IT requirement and put them to optimal use. We also have the expertise to fulfil end to end cloud solutions. We did hybrid cloud implementation for a University. We carried out their data migration and exchange and they have over 3000 users.” added Mr Abdul.

“It is quite challenging to put our hands into these environments as we have to tackle data very accurately and there should be no loss of data. But we have the expertise to migrate any legacy version to the latest platform. We did the high available infrastructure implementation in may projects which obviously saves the client’s cost, data and keeps them 99% safe and up and running uptime and It help the companies to achieve set RTO and RPO. And a budgeted DR solutions to their infrastructure” he said.

The company believes that IT platform is the core of any infrastructure, and planning and decisions made in this area effect the overall strength and success of the infrastructure as a whole. They advise to pay careful attention to ensure Server platforms and highly available platforms are configured to meet both Microsoft and RDS best practice methodologies.

Royal Data Systems also started a separate division for online sales and Services three years back by the name of “For a new company it is hard to reach out to the suppliers and to reach out the products and services. So with that in mind we started the online platform where major vendor’s products published complete range of IT infrastructure hardware and software licensing. For example, Dell has the complete data center hardware to the user desktop hardware with price, availability, deliverable timeline etc.” he added.

Mr Abdul Rahman said that he started the company in March 2011 with his Brother Mr. Osman Mohammed farm background of Information Technology. “Keeping that knowledge and background of Information technology in action we started this company to gratify to the Gulf region.




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