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Find you Hp Export best price for Hp Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, All in One, Workstations, Servers, Storage and accessories for consumer series. please refer to our online listed individual products for commercial Series.


Part No. Model Name Description Price in AED Price in USD
Y3W32EA#ABV X2-10-P000NE X2 10-P000 X5-Z8350/2gb/32gb/10"T/W10/RD 974 $265
T1G47EA#ABV HP Stream 13-C100 ST13-C100 CelN3050/2/32/13"/Win10/Blu 908 $247
Y3W36EA#abv HP Stream Laptop 14-ax000ne ST14-AX000 CelN3060/2/32/14"/Win10/Blu 927 $252
15-AC series
Y7X18EA#ABV HP Notebook 15-ay105ne 15ay105 i5-7200/4GB/1TB/2/15.6/Win10/SLV 2067 $562
Y7X13EA#ABV HP Notebook 15-ay100ne 15ay100 i7-7500/4/1TB/2/15.6"/Win10/SLV 2427 $659
1JM91EA#ABV HP Notebook 15-ay132ne 15ay132 i7-7500/8GB/1TB/2/15.6/Win10/SLV 2647 $719
Z9E96EA#ABV HP Notebook 15-ay122ne 15ay122 i7-7500/8GB/1TB/4/15.6/Win10/SLV 2743 $746
x360 pavillion
Y7X07EA#ABV HP Pav x360 Convert 13-u100ne P 13u100 i3-7100/4/500/13"/Win10/GLD/T/X 2145 $583
X5D17EA#abv HP Pav x360 Convert 15-bk005ne P 15bk005 i5-6200/6/500/15.6"/Win10/SL/T 2647 $719
Y6G93EA#ABV HP Pav x360 Convert 15-bk010ne P 15bk010 i5-6200/8/1/2/15/Win10/SL/T/X 2898 $788
Y6G94EA#ABV HP Pav x360 Convert 15-bk011ne P 15bk011 i7-6500/8/500/2/15/W10/SL/T/X 3176 $863
Y5T91EA#abv HP Spectre Notebook 13-v100ne Sp 13v100 i7-7500/8/256ssd/13/Win10/ASL 6105 $1,659
Y5T93EA#abv HP Spectre Notebook 13-v101ne Sp 13v101 i7-7500/8/512ssd/13/Win10/BSL 6627 $1,801
Y0W89EA#abv HP Spectre x360 13-4155ne Sp-4155 i7-6500/8/512sd/13/Win10/ASL/T/X 5703 $1,550
X5X14EA#abv HP Spectre x360 13-4152ne Sp-4152 i7-6500/8/512ssd/13.3/Win10/SL/T 5274 $1,433
Z9D47EA#ABV HP Spectre x360 13-W001ne Sp 13w001 i7-7500/8/512/13/Win10/SLV/T/X 5680 $1,544
Z9E46EA#ABV HP Spectre x360 13-W002ne Sp 13w002 i7-7500/16/1/13"/Win10/SLV/T/X 6627 $1,801
Z9D49EA#ABV HP Pavilion Notebook 14-al103ne P 14al103 i7-7500/16/1-128/4/14/W10/GLD 3806 $1,034
Y3W34EA#ABV HP ENVY Notebook 13-ab000ne EN 13-AB000 i5-7200/8/512ssd/13/WIN10/SL 4733 $1,286
Y3W35EA#abv HP ENVY Notebook 13-ab001ne EN 13-AB001 i7-7500/16/1TB/13/WIN10/SL 5680 $1,544
Y5J30EA#ABV OMEN Gaming Laptop 15-ax001ne OM15ax001 i7-6700/12/1-128/4/15/Win10/BK 4173 $1,134
1JN71EA#ABV OMEN Gaming Laptop 15-ax200ne OM15ax200 i7-7700/16/1-128/4/15/Win10/BK 4289 $1,166
1JN74EA#ABV OMEN Gaming Laptop 17-w200ne OM 17w200 i7-7700/16/2-128/6/17/Win10/BK 5583 $1,517
1JN75EA#ABV OMEN Gaming Laptop 17-w201ne OM 17w201 i7-7700/16/2-128/8/17/Win10/BK 7458 $2,027
Y0Z17EA#abv HP 22-b042ne AiO PC 22-b042 i3-6100/4/1TB/2/21.5"T/WIN10/WHT 2145 $583
Y0Z19EA#ABV HP 22-b043ne AiO PC 22-b043 i5-6200/6/1TB/2/21.5"T/WIN10/WHT 2531 $688
X1A76EA#ABV HP 22-b010ne AiO PC 22-b019 i5-6200/8gb/1tb/2gb dedi/21.5"/win 10/wht 2512 $683
1JT47EA#ABV HP Pavilion 24-b202ne AiO PC 24-b202 i7-7700/8/1TB/23.8"T FHD/WIN10/WHT 3891 $1,057
Y0Z25EA#ABV HP ENVY Curved 34-a200ne All-in-One 34-A200NE i7-6700/8GB/1/2/34"/Win10/ WHT 6627 $1,801
Z0J68EA#ABV HP Pav 510-p140ne DT PC P DT 510-P140 I3/4gb/1tb/2/DVDRW/WIN10 2145 $583
Z0J69EA#abv HP Pav 510-p141ne DT PC P DT 510-P141 I5-6400/8/2/2/DVDRW/WIN10 2531 $688
Z0K37EA#ABV Omen DT 900-001 OM DT 900-001 I7-6700/32/512+2*3TB/8/W10 13060 $3,549


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